Disney Brilliantly Reinvented R2D2: Meet BB-8


Ik ben nu al zot van BB-8 !

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Star_Wars_Logo Lucasfilm/Disney

R2D2 is without a doubt, one of the most iconic movie characters of all time. He’s fun, smart, witty and always getting into trouble with great beep-boop-beep sounds that truly capture attitude and personality.

r2-d2-star-wars Lucasfilm

But with the unveil of Star Wars: The Fore Awakens, Disney introduced a new robot for a new generation of fans and boy it’s cute! Meet BB-8.


Gone is the three legged frame that accompanied R2D2. While BB-8 shares a similar head, though much smaller overall from, the little guy relies on a magnetic sphere to zoom around. BB-8 is fast and agile, with his cute head bobbing up and down as it cruises along a sandy path in what looks like a pod racer shipyard. He’s a fresh take on droids in the Star Wars universe.

Fans have really taken a liking to him, and startup Sphero, a company that makes smartphone-controlled sphere toys aims at helping everyone get…

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