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Disney Brilliantly Reinvented R2D2: Meet BB-8

april 21, 2015

Ik ben nu al zot van BB-8 !

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Star_Wars_Logo Lucasfilm/Disney

R2D2 is without a doubt, one of the most iconic movie characters of all time. He’s fun, smart, witty and always getting into trouble with great beep-boop-beep sounds that truly capture attitude and personality.

r2-d2-star-wars Lucasfilm

But with the unveil of Star Wars: The Fore Awakens, Disney introduced a new robot for a new generation of fans and boy it’s cute! Meet BB-8.


Gone is the three legged frame that accompanied R2D2. While BB-8 shares a similar head, though much smaller overall from, the little guy relies on a magnetic sphere to zoom around. BB-8 is fast and agile, with his cute head bobbing up and down as it cruises along a sandy path in what looks like a pod racer shipyard. He’s a fresh take on droids in the Star Wars universe.

Fans have really taken a liking to him, and startup Sphero, a company that makes smartphone-controlled sphere toys aims at helping everyone get…

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Coleção colaborativa Vans x Star Wars

mei 15, 2014

Shake it!

vans x star wars

Antes QUASE tarde do que nunca, não é? Na verdade, não é e nunca vai ser tarde para falar sobre a collab Vans x Star Wars (aqui) que tá rolando <3. 4 de maio é dia de comemorar o Star Wars Day (!) e para esse dia tão demais de ser lembrado, a Vans agendou o lançamento de seu projeto em colaboração com a saga. Os modelos estão incríveis! E para quem tá achando que só rolou tênis, prepara o bolso que tem mochilas, camisas, meias e mais.

Aí está mais um apego na minha vida: tênis. Principalmente os tradicionais, ou quando, sobre estes, ainda recriam dando uma roupagem mais atual, que é o caso do estilo Vans + Star Wars. Os modelos de tênis escolhidos para estampar a coleção, por exemplo, passeiam entre os vários da marca: tem o Slip-on, tem sobre o modelo Authentic, os de botinhas…

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Ben Burtt/ Lightsaber

november 11, 2013


Everyone could identify the sound of the lightsaber. The creator of the iconic sound, Ben Burtt, talks about how he made it, what went into it and more.
Star Wars is my favourite movie series, and i find it extremely interesting to see behind the scenes.

I also liked hearing how a sound so iconic came out partly by accident.

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oktober 13, 2013

Finally Something Good Comes Out of The Phantom Menace

september 24, 2013


Balderdash you say! Nothing good came from that pile of dreck! Well I would have agreed with you until I watched this video where the poorly acted mewling of young Anakin Skywalker in THE PHANTOM MENACE gets delivered by Darth Vader.

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Les Miserables Meets Star Wars

september 10, 2013

Les Miserables met light sabers! Super.

Productivity Ruiner: R2-D2 Translator

augustus 31, 2013

The Average Nobodies

Untitled copy 2


Visit and have your words or phrases translated by R2-D2!





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On intimacy and Darth Vader

augustus 31, 2013

februari 8, 2013

Beamer Books

This concoction of isomalt, sugar and corn syrup speaks for itself. It’s probably not as deadly as the original.


Available for sale by Designer Lollipops at Etsy.

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februari 3, 2013

Something a week

Have you heard about this project called Star Wars Uncut?

A group of people basically cut the entire Star Wars movies into 15-second chunks, and people re-film the chunks on their own. Then, they stitch the new scenes together, creating a fan-made, hodge-podge feature length copy of the film. I’ve never been very into Star Wars, but the project seems pretty fun.

The first movie is done, and they’re currently in the process of making The Empire Strikes Back, so some friends* and I picked a scene. This is what we did:

We reserved a studio and did it the right way. Our friend Devin Belmain has some impressive video/lighting skills and equipment. I ended up sizing some shirts to fit actors, so this previous post’s experience came in handy. Even though the scene is only 15 seconds, we had a month to recreate it, and we used…

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