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februari 2, 2013

Wacky Wednesday video of the week

december 19, 2012


Me, You and Zu

This week’s find is courtesy of NonstickBarley.

The Unipiper is based in Portland and often dresses up as he is piping. The list includes Mario of Mario Bros., Gandalf, Star Trek and many more. Once you get past the goofiness of it you have to admit the guy is pretty talented.

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december 11, 2012

Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel – ThePianoGuys

november 24, 2012

The R2-D2 Vespa

november 15, 2012

Iets voor The Red Light rumours?

Sore loser? NAH.

november 13, 2012


The Geeky Hooker

This is Chewie.

These are Chewie’s friends.

They like to play games together.

But only if Chewie wins.

Come on, they should’ve known to let the wookiee win. 🙂 My boyfriend wanted a co-pilot for his car, so I made everyone’s favorite walking carpet. ONWARD INTO HYPERSPACE!

Pattern for Chewbacca can be found via Lucy Ravenscar’s Etsy store!

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Star Wars, the saga continues!

november 4, 2012

Ik heb nogal ambigue gevoelens aangaande de overname van Lucasfilms door Disney, maar langs de andere kant: extra Star Wars-films… daar is toch tof?

Best Seat in the House

In case you haven’t heard the big news this week is George Lucas’ sale of his production company Lucasfilm for a staggering $4 billion to Disney. Quite a tidy sum for a whole life’s work, don’t you think? In a press release this week Lucas detailed the handover, with his current VP Kathleen Kennedy taking the reigns. Mirroring the companies $4 billion purchase of Marvel in 2009 I’m sure there are big things to come (Star Wars theme park anyone?), the first of which is the imminent production of Star Wars episode VII due to be released 2015 followed subsequently by two more films making up a brand new trilogy.

George’s Legacy

From this original press release George Lucas has outlined his plans and it looks like he’s setting up his immortalization through the continuation of his work, quoted as saying “For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures…

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LD50 live (2)

oktober 31, 2012

Toen ik hoorde dat Leia Organa een Disney-prinses geworden was, had ik plots nood aan grindcore. LD50 live in 2002 en wel in zaal Struik. Echt waar… zaal Struik.

Inflatable Boba Fett Jetpack of the Day

oktober 25, 2012

Ever wanted a full scale Millenium Falcon in your backyard? Well, these guys are doing it.

oktober 25, 2012

Chris Lee has a quest.  Most people may think he’s nuts.  But, that’s what they thought of Noah, too, when he built his ark.  To those that read this blog, however, Chris’ project probably seems like a much more worthwhile endeavor.  He wants to build the ultimate Star Wars prop,  a 1:1 scale ESB/ANH hybrid Millennium Falcon with complete, correctly scaled interior.  He has the blueprints, a small crew of designers, a contractor and a time frame of around 5-7 years of completion.  Han Solo’s smuggling ship will be placed on Chris’ 88 acre wooded lot, and will be able to be seen on Google Earth, oh yes.  If you want, you can even offer to join the team and put yourself in the cockpit.

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