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december 21, 2012

Uit de mailbox:

04/01/2013 – MOSH POTATOES (new diy record label) LAUNCH PARTY with Landverraad (powerviolence NL), King Terror (hcpunk BE), Vvovnds (hcnoise BE) + probably one more + jungle is massive afterparty @ Bakunins Pogo Bar, GENT.

02/02/2013 – The Mob + Zounds + Tache @ Chaosbar, ACCO, Kaboutermansstraat 16, LEUVEN.

09/02/2013 – cooking vegan food for the masses at a birthdaybash at the Vort’n Vis, IEPER. Playing : The Ignored (punkrock), Ulrikes Dream (crust), Intestinal Disease (grind) and more

07/03/2013 – Nine Eleven (modern hc), Finisterre (crust), We had a Deal + one or two more @ Chaosbar, ACCO, Kaboutermansstraat 16, LEUVEN. More info tbc.

16/03/2013 – Finisterre (crust GER) + more tbc @ Venue tbc, GENT.

06/04/2013 – Absolutist (crust IRE) and Link (epic crust BE) split 7″ release at the Vort’n Vis in Ypres. More info tbc.