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Ik heb net “Pompeii” gelezen van Mary Beard.



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Audio-weetje in Ubuntu

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Nadat ik iets gedaan heb met LMMS op Ubuntu Studio werkt de audio in Firefox niet meer. Als ik mijn machine herstart, werkt het terug.

Dit is cooler:

pulseaudio -k && sudo alsa force-reload

Overwegingen, vers 18-21

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18 Ik download de volledige discografie van Manowar. 19 Zo moet ik de cd’s niet rippen naar mp3-formaat. 20 En kan ik ze beluisteren op de fiets. 21 Ik fiets namelijk soms.

Japanese hiphop (3)

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Word Up-Budamunk / Daijun ft.King Cheetah

Hypnotyz We

Joywave – Somebody New

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“Toffe videoclip”, zegt mc pvc, “maar spijtig van de muziek.”
“Pijtig!”, zegt Pijlnaard.


Joywave Joywave

Advanced technology often comes with flaws.  Fans of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and similar games with sometimes wonky physics, will probably dig this video.  Also, being immortal definitely helps with hardcore street skateboarding.

If you backtrack this vlog a bit you can catch Joywave collaborating with Big Data in an equally facetious video for “Dangerous.”

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Japanese hiphop (2)

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NIHA-C / I’m Doin’ Me

24/7 – Kyandy from.LoopyDogg


Japanese hiphop (1)

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79 feat. shunta – “Party Zombie

BASI – Fallin’ (Official Video)

Hostilidades: last show

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Saturday the 27th of June we (Hostilidades) will finally play our last show.

If you never heard of us, or maybe you want to remember what we sounded like,
check these video’s:


We’ll share the bill with:

Darmstadt (Local Discharge Clones)
The Tragedy We Live In (Doompunk as fuck) (CANCELLED, LOOKING FOR REPLACEMENT)
The Guilt (Swedish Punkrock Duo)
Wat Kosten Die Dadels? (Scheveningen’s Finest…. Or Maybe Worst. Ex- Aglio)

The whole night will be a benefit for the squat, where everything is taking place:
“‘T Landhuis” (You can check out the project at: https://tlandhuis.wordpress.com/)

We will also be selling cd’s with the 5 songs we recorder but never released. All the profit from the cd sale will go to another autonomous place in need “de vloek”, in Scheveningen, Holland. (You can check them out, here: http://devloek.nl/)

Our concert will be recorded. Those recordings will be sold, to try and help the campaign against the building of a Maxi-Prison, in Haren, Brussels.

The whole thing will start around 7pm, and the entrance fee will be 6 euros.
You can check out the flyer, which is attached to this mail.

The adress of the festivities is: warmoezeniersweg 10. 9000 Gent.

It is not, i repeat, NOT prohibited to forward this mail to everyone you think could be interested. (or also to people who defenitely aren’t interested, just for fun)

We sincerely hope to see you all there and see us of in style!

Skoris – Berner – Stijn – Pieje – Severijn – Niels


Russian hiphop (3)

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De laatste episode van die culturele onderzoek naar Russische hiphop: hoe klinkt het en wie zijn de grote sterren.

Gamora (Serezha Mestniy) – Veneno

Yarmak – heart of a boy

kuhh – Связанные кровью