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Have you heard about this project called Star Wars Uncut?

A group of people basically cut the entire Star Wars movies into 15-second chunks, and people re-film the chunks on their own. Then, they stitch the new scenes together, creating a fan-made, hodge-podge feature length copy of the film. I’ve never been very into Star Wars, but the project seems pretty fun.

The first movie is done, and they’re currently in the process of making The Empire Strikes Back, so some friends* and I picked a scene. This is what we did:

We reserved a studio and did it the right way. Our friend Devin Belmain has some impressive video/lighting skills and equipment. I ended up sizing some shirts to fit actors, so this previous post’s experience came in handy. Even though the scene is only 15 seconds, we had a month to recreate it, and we used…

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