XTC v1.0


Extensible Tweeting Code (XTC)

The Extensible Tweeting Code (#XTC) is a range of extra commands twitter users can rely on to show that they are more Advanced Twitter Users (ATU).
Advanced Twitter users mark their XTC-tweets with #XTC. The current version of XTC is v1.0.

RT: retweet
Repeat somebody’s tweet for your own followers.


RT @user : message #XTC


RT @mcpvc : Hello World. #XTC

TC: Tweet correction
Willingly correct a person’s typos just so he can learn from them.


TC: @user : wrong snippet – right snippet #XTC


TC: @mcpvc : hello wrold – hello world #XTC

GT: Geotweet
Tweet your current location without using other applications.


GT: #location #XTC


GT: #Leuven #XTC

OT: Overtweet
Overtweeting someone means that you tweet can do the thing the other person tweeted about better/faster/longer… There are two forms of overtweeting: practical and theoretical. A practical overtweet means you *have* done it betteer, a theoretical overtweet means that you *could* do it better.
Don’t overtweet too much!


THOT @user : message #XTC
PROT @user : message #XTC


PROT @mcpvc : I had FIVE hookers #XTC

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